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   Collioure always has been source of inspiration for the artists, Picasso, Matisse, Derain, Dufy, Chagall, Marquet and many others immortalized the small Catalan port.

Museum of Modern Art: Founded by Jean Peské on 1930, are works of many modern and contemporary artists.

The footpath of the Fauvismo: Through town a footpath with 20 picture reproductions of Matisse and Derain realised during its stay in Collioure in 1905.

Antonio Machado: Spanish poet, I flee from the pro-Franco dictatorship in 1939 to Collioure, died the 22 of February of 1939. Every year for the anniversary of its death tribute surrenders to him on the tomb of the poet. The prize of Literature Antonio Machado is granted every two years.

Patric O´Brian: Almost all their work was written in Collioure where I arrive in 1949. - Collioure - Mediterranean Sea - France - Copyright