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  Privileged destiny of Phoenician, Roman and Greek navigators, the history of Collioure has its origin in the antiquity.

  About 673, Collioure was turned into commercial port under the occupation of the visigodos, was called then Caucoliberis.

  The counts of Rosillón and the kings of Majorca began in century X to construct constructions in Collioure, fortified the city that then, between 1276 and 1344, became residence of summer of these last ones. Numerous crossed they happened through Collioure throughout all the century XIII, the templarios, hospitable and the Dominican ones.

  Between centuries XV and XVIII the town falls successively into the hands of the French and of the Spaniards.

  It was in 1642, again under the French occupation, when Vauban I order the constructions that modified the fortifications of the town, giving to Collioure its present aspect

  The Rosillón returned definitively to the French crown with the treaty of the Pyrenees in 1659

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