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The Mare:  Old district of sailors and fishermen, the Mare is a labyrinth of small side streets.

The Real Castle: It was constructed on an old castrum Roman and equipped to lodge to the court of Majorca. They occupied it to the Spaniards until 1462, returned to French hands that made construct the outer wall and I flatten the land of the esplanade. In 1922 the castle was declared historical monument.

The Church and the Bell tower: The bell tower was constructed in the Average and used Age like light of Collioure. The Ship of the church was constructed in 1684 and become attached to the bell tower. its style is the gothic meridional. The altarpiece of greater altar is of baroque style Catalan wood carving and covered with gold lamina, it is work of the Catalan Josep Sunyer. The cupola of the bell tower I am placed in 1810.

The Chapel San Vicente: It was constructed in 1701 by the arrival of the relics of San Vicente, landlord of the fishermen and grape growers.

Convent and Cloister of the Dominican ones: Located in the point of the Barri of the Faubourg, it was founded at the end of century XIII.

The Mill: It was constructed in century XIV, is the old grain mill but of the Rosillón, from the 2001 is used like oil mill.

Hermitage ND of Consolation: This shelters a chapel of century XV, place of pleasant long walk. - Collioure - Mediterranean Sea - France - Copyright